Actiq Lawsuits and Actiq Liability in Massachusetts

What is Actiq?

Actiq is a berry flavored lozenge on a stick, and while it can taste and look good, it an extremely potent and deadly. Actiq is an extremely potent narcotic, and as such, has been associated with several sever side effects over 127 deaths. The FDA has received reports of various deaths linked to overdose and other misuse and abuse of Actiq. Two of these deaths even came as a result of children mistaking Actiq for candy. The manufacturer of the drug, Cephalon Inc., has also reported 91 other serious non-fatal injuries, which range from respiratory distress to severe dehydration.

The FDA has only approved the use of Actiq for cancer patients who suffer extreme pain that other narcotics cannot relieve. More frequently, Actiq is prescribed “off-label”, which means doctors prescribe the drug for uses it is not approved for (headaches, back pain, etc.) Some studies suggest as much as 80% of Actiq prescriptions are written “off-label”.

When a doctor provides a drug off-label it can be extremely dangerous. Drugs like Actiq have an even higher risk associated with them due to the highly addictive and potent nature of the drug. Children mistake it for a lollipop both based on look and taste.

Actiq contains Fentanyl, which is a highly addictive substance which is 80 times more potent than morphine. In fact, fentanyl is so potent and addictive it is classified in the same class of drug as cocaine, opium and methadone by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Actiq acts quickly on pain, even providing relief for the most intense pain within 15 minutes of taking. The off-label prescriptions have led to serious addictions and deaths. Both adults and children alike have been killed due to the negligence of off-labeling.

Actiq Side Effects

Serious side effects associated with Actiq include;

  1. Extreme Addiction Issues
  2. Death

Actiq Litigation

At Sheff Law, we are the Massachusetts law firm with the resources, experience, and national reputation to investigate personal injuries and wrongful deaths resulting from taking Actiq. Patients across Massachusetts and America are starting to realize some of the potential harmful consequences of using Actiq. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of Actiq use, contact an attorney at Sheff Law today by filling out a FREE consultation form, or call at (888) 423-4477 or 617-227-7000.

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