Boston Wrongful Death Lawyer Doug Sheff Fights for Ursula Ward Compensation from Aaron Hernandez

Boston wrongful death lawyer Doug Sheff appeared in a Boston courtroom on Tuesday to demand a summary judgement for Ursula Ward, the mother of Odin Lloyd, who was killed by former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in June 2013.

In April 2015, one week after Hernandez was convicted in Lloyd’s killing, Sheff reopened a wrongful death lawsuit against Hernandez. Now, nearly two years later, legal wrangling has kept Ward from receiving a settlement.

“She is suffering significant hardship. Her son was killed three years ago and she no longer has his support and care like she always had,” Sheff told Masssachusetts Superior Court Judge Renee P. Dupuis. “Now she’s in dire straits and she’s in danger of losing her home.”

Sheff argued that a summary judgement could be issued without the need for a jury trial because Hernandez had already been convicted in a Massachusetts criminal court. Assets owned by Hernandez that could be used for a settlement include a Hummer valued at $20,000 and a million-dollar home in North Attleboro, which Sheff said is falling into disrepair.

An attorney for Hernandez explained that Hernandez’ murder conviction is still under appeal, an argument that Sheff shot down. “The criminal system might go on forever with this defendant. It has to have an ending somewhere.”

A date for Judge Dupuis’ ruling on summary judgement has not yet been set.

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