Cordis Cypher Stent Lawsuits and Cordis Cypher Stent Liability in Massachusetts

What is the Cordis Cypher Stent?

The Cordis Cypher Stent is a cardiac drug eluting-stent that is manufactured by the large pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson. When stents were first introduced to the public back in the 1990’s, they were inserted into the veins are bare-metal devices.

The Cordis Cypher Stent is a new generation of stent that has a drug coating on the metal in order to prevent scar tissue from forming inside the artery. In theory, this reduces to risk of a future clogged artery for the patient, however; research has shown that the drug coating may actually act as a magnet for potentially serious and life-threatening blood clots. Many leading health experts feel this presents a much greater risk to patients than the possibility of a future blockage due to scar tissue.

While cardiac stents gathered their popularity in the 1990’s, the drug coated stents now account for over 90% of all heart stents used today in the United States.

The Cyper stent is one of only two medicated stents on the market, and in the few years it has been available it has been used by over 6 million people worldwide, generating over $5,000,000,000 (5 billion) in sales each year.

Many cardiologists have questioned the safety of the Cordis Cypher Stent, but Johnson and Johnson have continued to defend the product to Wall Street analysts. Johnson and Johnson say there is no increased risk between the new stents and the old stents, but many experts suggest this is simply a way for the company to avoid a loss in profits while the FDA does more research on the drug-eluting stents. This is ironic because the makers of the other drug-eluting stent on the market, Boston Scientific, do acknowledge that their drug-eluting stent, Taxus, does increase the risk of future blood clots as compared to the bare metal stents.

Cordis Cypher Stent Side Effects

Side effects of the Cordis Cypher Stent include;

  1. Thrombosis (clotting, FDA has received more than 290 reports of this with 60 resulting in death)
  2. Hypersensitivity Reactions (FDA has received 50 cases, some resulting in death; symptoms include pain, rash, respiratory alterations, hives, itching, fever and blood pressure changes.

Cordis Cypher Stent Side Effects

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