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The city of Fall River is located in Bristol County, Massachusetts. It is approximately 46 miles south of downtown Boston. Fall River’s official motto is “We’ll Try”, which dates back to the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1843.Located on the eastern shore of Mount Hope Bay at the mouth of the Taunton River, the City was well known during the 1800’s as the leading textile manufacturing center in the United States. While the textile industry is no longer prominent in the City its impact on the City’s culture and landscape can still be seen today.The name Fall River refers to the Quequechan River which flows through the city, dropping steeply into the bay. Quequechan is a Wampanoag word believed to mean “Falling River” or “Leaping/Falling Waters.”During the 18th century the area consisted mostly of small farms and had a relatively small population. In 1778, the Battle of Freetown, was fought here during the American Revolutionary War, the townspeople put up a strong defense against a British force. In 1803, Fall River was separated from Freetown and officially incorporated as its own town. A year later, Fall River changed its name to “Troy.” The name “Troy” was used for 30 years and was officially changed back to Fall River on February 12, 1834.In 1821, Colonel Richard Borden established the Fall River Iron Works,. The Iron Works began producing nails, bar stock, and other items such as bands for casks in the nearby New Bedford whaling industry. They soon gained a widely recognized reputation for producing nails of high quality, and business flourished.During 1871 and 1872, a dramatic expansion of the city occurred: 15 new corporations were founded, building 22 new mills throughout the city, while some of the older mills expanded.By 1876, the city had 1/6 of all New England cotton capacity and one-half of all print cloth production. The “Spindle City” as it became known, was second in the world to only Manchester, England.The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has two branches in the city of Fall River: the Professional and Continuing Education Center located at 139 South Main Street (in the 1917 Cherry & Webb building), and the Advanced Technical & Manufacturing Center at the Narrows, on the former site of the Kerr Mills.Fall River established its public library in 1860. The main location of the Fall River Public Library was designed by architect Ralph Adams Cram in the Renaissance Revival style. It is constructed from native Fall River granite. The building underwent an extensive renovation during the late 1990s and early 2000s.Fall River is the home of Battleship Cove The world’s largest historic naval ship exhibit featuring the USS Massachusetts as well as the historic Lincoln Park Carousel[44] – Fall River is also known for The Marine Museum at Fall River, known for it’s 28 foot model of the RMS Titanic.Fall River is also well known for Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. Lizzie Borden, was accused, and later acquitted of the 1892 double axe-murder of her father and stepmother that occurred at her home on Second Street in the city.The City of Fall River’s population was 88,857 during the 2010 census, making it the tenth largest city in the state of MassachusettsSheff Law has been representing victims of personal injury in Fall River for over six decades. Our attorneys have represented clients in both the State Courts in Fall River as well as in matters at the Department of Industrial Accidents for workers’ compensation claims. Our Fall River personal injury lawyers work with clients regarding injuries related to automobile accidents, maritime accidents including in the fishing industry, workplace and construction site accidents as well as in matters involving, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury. Sheff Law has a team of six lawyers with over 120 years of collective personal injury experience. Fall River, Massachusetts is home to an extremely diverse group of people with a variety of ethnic backgrounds with nearly half of the population claiming to have at least some Portuguese ancestry. At Sheff Law we have the capability to work with individuals from nearly every ethnic and geographical background so we can communicate with our clients in the language they are most comfortable using.At Sheff Law we know that representing victims of personal injury in Fall River, Massachusetts is a serious responsibility. Located in downtown Boston, Sheff Law has the resources of a large city law firm yet we provide our clients with the care and courtesy you would expect in a small town. When someone needs an injury lawyer in Fall River, Massachusetts, Sheff Law attorneys respond by working as a team to provide our clients with the best legal representation possible. Our dedicated group of attorneys and support staff will be happy to meet with you at your home when it is inconvenient or impossible for you to travel to Boston. Our lawyers use a national network of experts to provide our Fall River, MA, clients with the resources their case need.To get from Fall River to Sheff Law, you can take Route 24 North to Route 93 North into Boston and park at the Government Center parking garage or at the garage at 2 Center Plaza, Boston, MA, which is conveniently located directly across the street from our office. You can also drive to the Quincy Adams MBTA Station in Quincy, MA and take the “T” Red line to Park Street Station which is one block from our Office. You may also take the Commuter Rail from the Providence Rhode Island to South Station which is a 15 minute walk to our office or short subway or taxi ride.If you or a loved one has been injured in Fall River, Massachusetts, call our Fall River injury lawyers at Sheff Law to help. If you or someone you know has been injured, call an attorney at Sheff Law today at 617-227-7000 or fill out a free online form.