Herald Investigation Highlights Challenges in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

A CAT Scan of a human brainTraumatic brain injury patients continue to be misdiagnosed by the Boston Veteran’s Administration Regional Office, according to a review of 2015 inspection results by the Boston Herald. During 2015, 5 of 30 cases were incorrectly processed by the VA, a significant improvement from the 11 of 30 cases incorrectly processed in 2011, but still high enough for the VA Inspector General to label the number of errors as “unacceptable.”

The Herald’s review found that two Boston-area veterans were denied the monthly benefits they should have received for traumatic brain injuries, while a third was overpaid. Veterans’ advocates interviewed by the Herald said the Veterans Administration as a whole is struggling to follow its own rules on traumatic brain injuries and to keep up with medical advances in the diagnosis and understanding of these injuries.

The challenges faced by the Veteran’s Administration remain common in civilian personal injury cases as well. Traumatic brain injury can be difficult to diagnose, and its short- and long-term symptoms are hard to predict, though a growing body of scientific and medical evidence provides strong guidelines for doctors, lawyers, benefits administrators and insurance companies to follow.

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