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Hyde Park Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Massachusetts automobile accident lawyers at Sheff Law are experienced in representing victims of car accidents claims in Hyde Park. Sheff Law attorneys recognize the diversity of this neighborhood, and make it their priority to handle cases for non-English speaking clients, as the staff is fluent in many languages other than English, including Spanish. The firm has a sixty year tradition of defending individuals in Hyde Park who are subjected to severe personal injury as a result of automobile accidents.Hyde Park is the southernmost neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. The historic Neponset River runs through this neighborhood. Hyde Park is an environment made up of diverse people, housing types and social groups. As of 2000 the ethnic breakup is roughly 39% Non-Hispanic White, 43% Black or African-American, 13% Hispanic or Latino and 2% Asian-American. It is an urban location with numerous suburban features. Hyde Park’s central business district at Cleary and Logan Squares contains several historic buildings, such as the neighborhood’s municipal building built by the City of Boston after annexation. An opera house built by Leroy J. French in 1897 remains on Fairmount Avenue. As a small neighborhood in a bustling city, Hyde Park faces traffic incidents that can result in serious personal injury. The attorneys at Sheff Law are passionate and determined when it comes to providing legal support to victims of motor vehicle accidents.Hyde Park has several major avenues and thoroughfares that present risks to drivers and pedestrians alike. As an active industrial neighborhood, Hyde Park is home to numerous warehouses and factory buildings, thus creating challenging commutes during the workday hours. It is critical drivers obey traffic regulations, and pedestrians are aware of their surroundings.While more often than not, automobile accidents are minor in effect, many do in fact cause considerable damage and severe injury to individuals involved. Whether driving along Hyde Park Avenue, River Street or Fairmont Avenue, both pedestrians and drivers may face defective construction of roads and exits, automobile defects, faulty highway signs, broken traffic lights and/or imperfect road design. Any of these shortcomings create potential for serious motor vehicle accidents that can lead to complex personal injury claims.With respect to public transportation, The MBTA Commuter Rail’s Fairmount shuttle to Readville is Hyde Park’s most direct connection with downtown Boston. Additionally, numerous MBTA bus routes through Cleary and Logan Squares provide connections to the Orange and Red Lines at Forest Hills station in Jamaica Plain and Mattapan station in Mattapan. Pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists must be cautious of stopping at railway crossings and stoplights.If you are injured in a Hyde Park car accident caused by negligence on the road, you should contact the attorneys at Sheff Law, who can best provide you with the leading success and experience you need to achieve a powerful result. If you have had an auto accident please call an attorney at Sheff Law today at 617-227-7000 or fill out a free online form.