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Hyde Park Spinal Cord Injury

The Massachusetts spinal cord injury attorneys at Sheff Law are experienced in representing victims of spinal cord injury claims in Hyde Park, Massachusetts. A team of six knowledgeable and skilled lawyers work hard to obtain for their clients the warranted compensation for the pain and suffering and loss of consortium that can result from spinal cord injuries. We fully recognize that a spinal cord injury can be as traumatic for the family as it can be for the victim.While some spinal cord injuries are mild, many others are fairly serious and may lead to permanent nerve damage to the spinal column. These injuries can be the source of lasting disability, immobility or loss of sensation below the vertebral level at the spinal cord. Spinal cord injuries may result from falls, diseases, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, industrial accidents, and assaults, as well as various other causes. Common symptoms of a spinal cord injury are difficulty breathing; loss of bladder and/or bowel control; inability to establish equilibrium; extreme weakness, clumsiness or immobility in any body part; and oddly positioned torso or neck.At Sheff Law we understand that representing victims of spinal cord injuries in Hyde Park is a serious task that requires a great deal of thoroughness. Hyde Park is the southernmost neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. The neighborhood has various major avenues and thoroughfares that present possible risks to drivers and pedestrians alike. As an active industrial neighborhood, Hyde Park is home to several warehouses and factory buildings, thus creating challenging commutes, as well as the potential for incidents such as slip-and-falls and industrial accidents. Such misfortune can result in spinal cord injuries to the victims involved. The attorneys at Sheff Law are committed to providing experience and valuable knowledge to victims of such injuries.Hyde Park is also known for being an urban location with several suburban characteristics. Its central business district at Cleary and Logan Squares contains a number of notable buildings. An opera house built by Leroy J. French in 1897 remains on Fairmount Avenue. As a small neighborhood in a bustling city, Hyde Park is a relatively diverse locale. While tourism is typically beneficial to a neighborhood, enhancing its economic and social distinctiveness, with those traits also comes the potential for different types of personal injury cases that may or may not result in traumatic spinal cord injury. The attorneys at Sheff Law are dedicated to helping those who fall victim to spinal cord injuries as a result of the negligence of others, whether it be due to some sort of fall, automobile accident, sports injury, or other incident of such magnitude.If you or a loved one has been injured in Hyde Park, Massachusetts and is suffering from a spinal cord injury as a result of such an incident, contact the attorneys at Sheff Law. It is crucial that you seek both medical and legal advice as soon as possible. You can contact an attorney at Sheff Law today at 617-227-7000 or by filling out a free online form.