> Index WELCOME to Sheff Law. For over sixty years, we have represented victims of serious personal injury and wrongful death in Massachusetts and across the nation. Our litigation team has over 130 years of combined experience and consists of attorneys who concentrate their practice on the representation of individuals and families who have been harmed due to the negligence of others. We take pride in our reputation as one of New England’s premier victim rights firms. Our lawyers bring a unique combination of individual talents, interests and experience to the practice of personal injury law. We have attorneys with diverse backgrounds including medical, science, construction, marketing and accounting. These distinct areas of knowledge allow the Sheff Law team to understand and evaluate complex cases in a unique way, setting Sheff Law apart from other law firms. Our team approach will often result in the assignment of several of our attorneys to a single case in order to bring these different perspectives and skills to the representation of our clients. This has translated into a CREATIVE LITIGATION STRATEGY which typically yields extraordinarily favorable results for our clients. To see how we have been able to assist victims of serious personal injury, please visit our Proven Results page. At SHEFF LAW , our TEAM OF PERSONAL INJURY LAW LAWYERS focuses on the following practice areas : Automobile Accidents , Birth Injury , Brain Injury , Bus Accidents , Car Accidents , Construction Site Accidents , Dog Bites , Dog Attacks , Liquor Liability Dram Shop Laws , Medical Malpractice , Motorcycle Accidents , Pedestrian Accidents , Premises Liability , Products Liability , Railroad Accidents , Slip and Fall Accidents , Trip and Fall Accidents , Spinal Cord Accidents , Toxic Torts , Trucking Accidents , Tractor Trailer Accidents , Workplace Accidents , and Wrongful Death . Please see Practice Areas for further details. At Sheff Law, our DEFECTIVE DRUG LITIGATION TEAM partners with leading experts and attorneys across the United States to ensure that victims of harmful drugs get the legal representation they deserve. Currently our attorneys are investigating and litigating claims including GranuFlo, a product used in dialysis for the treatment of kidney related ailments and the New England Compounding Center’s meningitis outbreak, among others. Please see Attorney Profiles page for details on our team of Attorneys.


What Is A Personal Injury Case?

Most personal injury cases deal with the concept of “negligence.” Negligence occurs when a person, company or legal entity owes a duty to another to act in a reasonable manner but fails to do so and, as a result, a person is injured. Negligence cases can take many forms from the standard motor vehicle accident to slips and falls to defective products or construction site negligence. In such cases, when the person, company or legal entity with a duty to act reasonably fails to do so, the party responsible for causing the injury would be liable to the other based on the tort of negligence and the aggrieved party would have the right to seek monetary damages for his or her injuries. These damages can include past and future lost wages, past and future medical expenses, future life care expenses, pain and suffering as well as loss of consortium damages due to spouses and family members arising out of the injuries suffered by a family member.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

It has been our experience at Sheff Law that in order to maximize your recovery in a personal injury case, you must have the proper legal representation. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers on staff, working to find ways to pay out as little as possible on each claim. As a result, the only way to “level the playing field” is by having a qualified attorney representing you or your loved one. Because personal injury attorneys are compensated pursuant to a contingent fee agreement, there are never out-of-pocket expenses to you and your attorney is only paid when a monetary recovery is made, whether by settlement or after trial. At Sheff Law, we evaluate and consult on thousands of cases every year. WE DO THESE EVALUATIONS AND CONSULTATIONS FOR FREE. If you or someone you know has a question regarding a potential personal injury case, please call one of our qualified attorneys at (888) 423-4477 or in Massachusetts, 617-227-7000. If you prefer, simply fill out the consultation form by clicking here . An experienced attorney will contact you to discuss whether or not the facts surrounding your injury amount to an actionable tort.

How Much Will it Cost Me?

Initial consultations and evaluations at Sheff Law are always free. In personal injury cases, our attorney’s fees are based upon a “contingency fee” contract. This contract provides that you are only responsible for the payment of attorney’s fees if we are successful in obtaining a monetary recovery for you. The contingency fee is based on a percentage of the final recovery. The percentage involved will depend on the complexity of the case and the amount of time expected to be required to pursue the case.

What If My Case Recovers Nothing?

For over sixty years Sheff Law has been evaluating and litigating personal injury cases for clients in Massachusetts and across the United States. Through this experience we have become experts at recognizing cases that will likely render a favorable outcome for our clients. At Sheff Law we are successful in obtaining monetary recoveries in over 99% of our cases, whether by settlement or after trial. However, in the rare case that we are unsuccessful, our client typically PAYS NOTHING for the attorney’s time nor compensates us for any expenses incurred in pursing the claim.

Have You Actually Tried Cases at Sheff Law?

Yes, and we have recovered millions of dollars for clients doing so. In today’s legal climate over 90% of cases resolve by settlement before trial. However, DO NOT BE MISTAKEN , actual trial experience is a very important factor when selecting a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies know which firms have the track record, experience, and resources to take a case from beginning to jury verdict and know that Sheff Law is such a firm. Insurance companies and their attorneys know that they can pressure individuals represented by law firms without such experience into accepting smaller settlements than they would have to pay to an individual represented by Sheff Law. Insurance companies know that Sheff Law is prepared take any case to a jury verdict, if necessary. This reputation is very important in helping us achieve maximum results for our clients.

How Long Will My Case Take?

There is no way to predict the estimated length of a case until you and your attorney have reviewed the facts, evidence, and law. Some simple cases can be concluded within a year of the incident. However, in Massachusetts and across the United States complex personal injury cases take time to develop and resolve. At Sheff Law, we take pride in “being there” for our clients from day one until the case is resolved, whether by trial or settlement, no matter how long it takes.

Will I Have to Talk in Court?

You might, but if you do, you will have one of our experienced lawyers by your side. Whether it is as a witness at trial or in a deposition, we prepare and train our clients to be their own best advocates. We sometimes spend up to a month preparing our clients before an important deposition or for trial testimony. We believe that with the right combination of preparation and coaching, any client can be a strong witness.