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man with amputated leg learning to walk in a rehab center


Amputations can occur through a variety of types of accidents. Some of the most common types of accidents that result in amputation include what are known as entrapment injuries. While amputations are a fairly common medical procedure, they also come with a long list of complications.

Front view of a fire engine

Fires and Explosions

At Sheff Law, we know that fires are often caused by the negligence and recklessness of others, often to devastating effect. The injuries suffered by victims of residential and commercial fires and the explosions they can cause can lead to long-standing physical and emotional suffering.

CAT scan of an injured brain

Brain Injury

Sheff Law is a national leader in complex brain injury litigation. Our lawyers work closely with leading medical professionals, and our leadership has been recognized for its outstanding work in the field of brain injury advocacy.

Colorized X-ray of an injured foot

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Ankles and feet are susceptible to significant injuries due to numerous types of accidents. The types of injuries one may suffer to the foot and ankle include fractures, crush injuries, sprains, amputations and connective tissue injuries.

Closeup of a leg in a walking cast

Broken Bones

The human body typically contains 206 bones and a fracture can occur in any bone in the body. When a bone breaks within a joint in the body (knee, ankle, wrist, etc…), these are referred to as intra articular fractures, which often involve long term complications.

Plastic barrels of chemicals in a storage yard

Hazardous Materials

Exposure to hazardous materials and waste can occur in numerous ways. The failure to properly package, store, transport or handle materials can give rise to products liability or general negligence claims when said substances are accidentally released.

Injured older man having his blood pressure and respiration checked by a nurse

Burn Injuries

In some cases, burns can cause extreme pain and in others, where the burns extend deep into the skin tissue, there may be no pain at all as the nerve endings that send pain signals to the brain may have been so heavily damaged that they are unable to function in the normal way.

Closeup view of a dual drill press


A laceration is an injury to the skin and the soft tissue underneath it. Unlike abrasions, which are often called scrapes or scratches, these open wounds go all the way through the surface of the skin, known as the epidermis, to the skin layers below, including the dermis and hypodermis.

Male worker in a hard hat opening a high-voltage electrical box


Electrical injuries may occur in various ways: direct contact with electrical energy, injuries that occur when electricity arcs (an arc is a flow of electrons through a gas, such as air) to a victim, flash burns from the heat generated by an electrical arc, and flame burns from the ignition of clothing or other combustible, nonelectrical materials.

Older woman in a wheelchair looking out a window and holding a cup of tea

Spinal Injuries

Quadriplegia can be caused by either injury or illness. Quadriplegia typically results in both sensory and motor loss. This is characterized by a loss of sensation and control of all four limbs as well as the torso. The diagnosis of quadriplegia, when due to an injury, generally results from a trauma to the cervical spine, the portion of the spinal cord located in the neck.