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Lowell is a City in Middlesex County. It was planned as a manufacturing community and it was highly successful in that regard. Lowell is widely recognized as being at the forefront of the industrial revolution at the turn of the Century in America because of its numerous textile mills and manufacturing plants. Lowell’s population swelled with immigrants from Europe to fill these jobs. The Merrimack River, which dissects Lowell, was used not only as a distribution avenue, but also for power. There is a bend in the River where the Merrimack and the Concord Rivers intersect. There, the hydro power generated by the Pawtucket Falls was harnessed by the Pawtucket Dam and redirected to Lowell’s extensive canal system. Lowell is also home to the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, which has an extensive and burgeoning campus in the northern end of Lowell. Lowell has been named and “All American City” and is now a popular entertainment with the Lowell Memorial Auditorium and the Tsongas Arena. It is also home to several minor league sports teams including the Lowell Spinners baseball team and the Lowell Devils hockey team. As of the 2010 census, the population of Lowell was 26,983.The lawyers at Sheff Law have been representing victims of personal injury in Lowell for over six decades. Our Lowell personal injury lawyers work with clients regarding injuries related to automobile accidents, construction site accidents, brain injury, and medical malpractice. Sheff Law has a team of six lawyers with over 120 years of collective personal injury experience. Lowell, Massachusetts is also home to a large Spanish speaking community and at Sheff Law we have bilingual employees so we can communicate with our clients in the language they are most comfortable.At Sheff Law we know that representing victims of personal injury in Lowell, Massachusetts is a serious responsibility. Sheff Law attorneys are ready to serve the needs of Lowell residents. When someone is needs an injury lawyer in Lowell, Massachusetts, Sheff Law attorneys respond by working as a team to provide our clients with the best legal representation possible. Indeed, many of the local lawyers in Lowell have referred their clients to Sheff Law to provide them with the best representation possible. Even though an injury happened in Lowell, Massachusetts, our lawyers use a national network of experts to provide our clients with the resources their case need.Despite being some distance from the City of Boston, Sheff Law is easy to get to from Lowell. There is regularly scheduled commuter rail service from Lowell right to North Station in Boston. Once there, you can either walk a short distance or take the T just a couple of stops to Government Center where the lawyers at Sheff Law are located. Of course you can always drive in as well. There is ample parking within just a few steps of our office. If you or a loved one has been injured in Lowell, Massachusetts, call Lowell injury lawyers at Sheff Law to help. If you have had an auto accident, brain injury, workplace accident, or wrongful death, call an attorney at Sheff Law today at 617-227-7000 or fill out a free online form.