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Malden Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Massachusetts car accident lawyers at Sheff Law are experienced in handling motor vehicle accident claims in Malden, Massachusetts and surrounding communities.Malden is a hilly, woodland city that is north of the Mystic River, however that does not mean Malden is void of busy transportation. Malden has options to use Boston’s bus system, commuter rail and the subway’s Orange line, which has stops in at the Malden Center and Oak Grove. Despite the public transportation, Malden still has quite a few auto accidents.Malden can get busy since Route 28, Route 60, Route 99, and U.S. 1 run through it. Furthermore, a short distance away from the city’s borders is Route 16 and Interstate 92. Additional to the heavy incoming and outgoing traffic, one of the most common jobs in Malden is driver/ sales workers and truck drivers. All of these factors can contribute to creating and finding oneself involved in an auto accident on one of the many roads available in Malden.In 2009, there were three fatal related accidents, four vehicles involved in fatal accidents, three fatalities, four people involved in fatal accidents, and one pedestrian involved in a fatal accident. Most of these accidents took place near large roads, like Fellsway East and Glennwood. Some accidents take place near parks, like Roosevelt Park near Salem Street. In 2008, Malden had more fatal accidents caused by drunk drivers than the entire state average of Massachusetts.If you do find yourself involved in a car or auto vehicle accident in the many neighborhoods in Malden; such as, Faulkner, West End, Edgeworth, Ferryway, Forestdale, Linden, Maplewood, and Bellrock, you should take a few steps to protect yourself.If you are injured in Malden, or in any auto accident, obtain as much information about the vehicles and persons involved, starting with the license plate number, driver’s name, and their contact information. Take photos of the car accident, even if you only have a cell phone.Contact the police and wait for their arrival. Once they arrive explain to them of any traffic violations that may have been committed by the people involved in the auto vehicle accident.It is important to contact a Massachusetts car or auto accident lawyer to learn of your legal rights. The auto accident lawyers at Sheff Law offer over 130 years of experience, along with the compassion and resources you deserve and will need to get a successful result. Our law firm is experienced in handling auto accident cases at all levels, from initial claims to trial and appeal. We are a well known and prominent law firm within the Boston region and have handled cases all throughout Massachusetts.For a free legal advice, contact our Malden car and auto accident lawyers at 888-423-4477 or 617-227-7000 or visit our fill out a free online form.