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Marlborough Spinal Cord Injury

The Massachusetts spinal cord injury lawyers at Sheff Law are experienced at handling spinal cord injuries in Marlborough, Massachusetts and surrounding communities and neighborhoods.Spinal cord injuries are devastating to the victim and their loved ones, and while some injuries tend to be mild, many are severe and life changing. Some spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent nerve damage, which could lead to permanent disability and loss of sensation below the vertebral level. General spinal cord injury symptoms include:

  • Abrupt loss of consciousness
  • Brutal back pain or pressure buildup in back, head, or neck
  • Extreme weakness, clumsiness, or immobility in any body part
  • Numbness in hands, finger, feet, or toes
  • Loss of bladder and/ or bowel control
  • Inability to establish equilibrium
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Oddly positioned torso or neck

Marlborough is a growing city in Middlesex County. The city usually has decent weather, however, during the winter months the snow fall is extremely high, wind speed is above the United States average in every single month, and during fall, precipitation can be higher than the United State average.Marlborough made a leap into the high technology industry ever since the construction of the Massachusetts turnpike. The town is also centrally located near the intersection of Routes 495, Route 290, Route 20, and Route 84, which help connect the city to neighboring locations. On top of the many major roads in Marlborough, Marlborough has had more fatal accidents than the average of fatal accident in the entire state of Massachusetts, and in 2009 Marlborough had more fatal drunk driving accidents than the Massachusetts state average.Marlborough does have a wonderful school system that entails charter schools, like Advanced Math and Science Academy; private schools, public schools, and even a Boys and Girls Club as an after school program.All of these factors like high wind speeds, heavy snow and rain fall, coupled with major roads and intersections, high alcohol consumption, many schools can make for a disastrous recipe that could lead to a spinal cord injury.If you have suffered from an accident due to another’s negligence or recklessness and believe that you have a spinal cord injury, first seek medical attention.At Sheff Law we understand our clients and the results they deserve. That is why Sheff Law offers over one hundred and thirty years of professional services to our clients. Our experience and dedication to our clients helps them achieve the results the want and deserve. Sheff Law handles spinal cord injuries throughout Massachusetts.For free legal advice and a free consultation contact our Marlborough spinal cord injury lawyers today at 888-423-4477 or 617-227-7000 or fill out our free form online.