Settlements from Our Boston Personal Injury Lawyers

Sheff Law’s team of Boston personal injury lawyers have a long tradition of getting our clients maximum compensation for their injuries. These are just some of our million-dollar-plus outcomes. We also routinely settle cases in the upper six-figure range:



TYPE: Wrongful Death
AMOUNT: $14,000,000
DESCRIPTION: For the families of two workers who suffered severe burn injuries resulting in death. An explosion occurred in a confined area of an industrial workplace. The cause of the explosion was disputed. After the incident, investigation by regulatory authorities revealed several defective welds. Plaintiffs cited several measures which could have been taken to avoid the explosion. Defendants argued that these measures would not have been helpful as the defect which caused same was latent and undetectable.

A course of intense and extensive discovery commenced. Approximately 1.5 million pages of documents were exchanged, scanned, reviewed, indexed and utilized. There were approximately 50 depositions, including several multi-day and out of state depositions. The parties retained multiple experts in a variety of specialties, including metallurgy, code, plant operation, industry, traumatic medicine, forensic economic experts, psychology and plastic surgery.

Two workers suffered severe burns which led to their death. Plaintiffs’ counsel alleged four separate areas of damages, including pain and suffering, imminent fear of death and damages under the Wrongful Death Statute. These claims were supported by testimony and expert opinion. These experts were prepared to testify that, despite their highly medicated state, these workers experienced significant physical pain. In addition to the physical pain and suffering, Plaintiffs were prepared to offer expert testimony that these workers were aware of their imminent demise. Plaintiffs’ expert opined their imminent fear of death was supported by medical records, lay witness and expert testimony.

The evidence also established losses of comfort, care, companionship, advice, counsel, guidance, support and protection. Their economic losses were also supported by expert opinion. Plaintiffs’ expert opined personal consumption was minimal, and these workers would remain gainfully employed beyond the age of 65.

Upon the completion of factual discovery and expert exchange, the parties agreed to mediation. The mediation took place over three days. The parties reached agreement on both claims. The parties agreed to settle the claim for the worker with a wife and children for $9,000,000.00 and the second claim for the worker with the adult children for $5,000,000.00, for a total settlement of $14,000,000.00.


TYPE: Brain Injury
AMOUNT: $9,800,000.00
DESCRIPTION: For a forty-five-year-old woman who was seriously brain damaged. Our firm was prepared to call seven expert witnesses to testify as to liability and extent of the damages, including one of the world’s leading brain injury experts.


TYPE: Negligent Repair
AMOUNT: $8,700,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Homeowner suffered permanent injuries due to negligent repair of their oil tank. In December 2009, after having their oil tank filled and the heat restored, the furnace began to puff smoke into their partially finished basement. The family called The Service Department (TSD) a home heat service and repair company, to have their system serviced. During the repair, the oil line was left loose, resulting in the release of oil onto the basement floor. The homeowners called TSD to remedy the spill. TSD’s attempted remedy required the use of hazardous chemicals which further exacerbated the situation.

The Fire Department, local Board of Health, and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection were not notified by TSD of this spill. When they were finally called to assess the leak, the damage had been done to both the property and to the Plaintiff. Over the next few months, the Plaintiff’s health deteriorated to the point where he could no longer work and was oxygen dependent.

The Plaintiff reached out to Sheff Law as their representative for this case. Our team of attorneys recognize the long term effects of such negligence and worked with the plaintiff to get the justice deserved.

The negligence of The Service Department, LLC and the plaintiff was found a substantial contributing cause of the personal injuries and property damage of the homeowner. A Judgement on Jury Verdict was issued in the amount of $8,837,180.24 for settlement on Plaintiffs’ claims.


TYPE: Wrongful Death & Workplace accident
AMOUNT: $7,000,000.00
DESCRIPTION: For the family of a man who was killed by a compressed air explosion due to unsafe working conditions. Sheff Law represented his wife and children in the lawsuit. The settlement was one of the largest recoveries in the context of a workplace accident in Massachusetts history. The case prompted a major gas company to install safety equipment in hundreds of similar facilities all over the world, and was widely publicized in the national press.


TYPE: Brain Injury
AMOUNT: $6,000,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Our client, a 67-year-old woman, was traveling southbound on the New Jersey Turnpike when she was struck in the head by a wheel that had disengaged from a Honda Accord traveling in the opposite direction. Prior to the incident, the Accord had been serviced by the defendant, resulting in the installation of four tires. The plaintiff alleged that the installer had failed to properly tighten the lug nuts, and failed to check them before returning the Accord. The defendant claimed that the Accord had brake work performed elsewhere after the tire installation and that the subsequent repair was the cause of the “wheel-off.”

Following the incident, our client was treated at a New Jersey hospital for traumatic brain injury. The plaintiff chose Sheff Law because of its reputation built over decades for representing local and national victims with traumatic brain injuries. Suit was brought against the tire retailer/wheel installer alleging negligence and breach of warranty claims.

Sheff Law investigated other similar incidents and lawsuits to determine the nature and extent of problems associated with wheel disengagement. While preparing for trial, Sheff Law retained experts in multiple fields, including: mechanical engineering; metallurgy/material science; accident reconstruction; neurology; neuropsychology; life care planning; and economics. Through these experts, counsel was able to prove that the failure of the installer to appropriately tighten the lug nuts onto the wheel rim caused a slow migration of the lug nuts, and ultimately caused a disengagement of the wheel from the Accord. Sheff law demonstrated that the injuries to the plaintiff were permanent and would affect her throughout the remainder of her lifetime, and that the seriousness of those injuries was enough to prevent the plaintiff from returning to work. Through the effective use of mediation, Sheff Law settled our client’s case for $6,000,000.00.


TYPE: Construction Site Accident
AMOUNT: $5,000,000.00
DESCRIPTION: 61-year-old iron-worker falls from bridge construction project resulting in paraplegia.


TYPE: Product Liability & Spinal Cord Injury
AMOUNT: $3,800,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Case involving a car accident victim who sustained a spinal cord injury after being ejected from his vehicle as a result of allegedly defective equipment. This suit influenced a major automobile manufacturer to redesign and to install new safety equipment in their new vehicles.


TYPE: Construction Site Accident & Brain Injury
AMOUNT: $3,600,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Recovery for a forty-six-year-old tunnel worker who fell off a ladder while working in an unlit area during the night shift at a construction site. He received no treatment for his alleged brain injuries until nearly a year after the incident. Initial CT and MRI testing were reported as negative. This settlement was achieved without formal mediation, arbitration or trial.


TYPE: Workplace Accident & Brain Injury
AMOUNT: $2,800,000.00
DESCRIPTION: For a forty-five year old man who suffered serious personal injuries, including brain damage, when he fell off of a nine foot tall crate while at work.


TYPE: Construction Site Accident
AMOUNT: $2,531,000.00
CASE NAME: Fernando A, et. als., v. J.K. Scanlan Company, Inc., et als. (2010) Middlesex Superior Court, Woburn, Massachusetts.
DESCRIPTION: Construction site accident involving two masons which was tried to a successful jury verdict for the Plaintiffs. At trial evidence was put on showing that a pallet of plywood dropped down an elevator shaft falling on both Plaintiffs who were working below. The incident resulted in major back injuries and permanent partial disabilities for both Plaintiffs.


TYPE: Wrongful Death
AMOUNT: $2,500,000.00
DESCRIPTION: For the death of a man who left a wife and two grown sons. Sheff Law demonstrated that the value of a father’s care, guidance and advice may far exceed his earnings.


TYPE: Premises Liability
AMOUNT: $2,350,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Our client was working as a security guard when he stepped on a nail while performing his routine rounds at his jobsite. The Defendant was allegedly aware its premises were dangerous. Nails were said to be sticking out of pieces of lumber but there was nothing done to rectify it. The plaintiff ultimately developed a catastrophic case of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (R.S.D.) resulting in multiple surgeries and leaving him totally disabled.

The plaintiff chose Sheff Law because we’ve been helping victims of premises liability accidents for six decades and our team approach enables us to get consistently great results for our clients. We are dedicated to getting our clients the justice they deserve for premises liability injuries. In this case, our clients’ development of RSD was totally denied by the defendants.

Our attorneys were able to prove that the conditions on the site presented unreasonable and dangerous working conditions. We retained 5 expert witnesses who were prepared at a trial of this matter to prove that the Defendants were in violation of several portions of the OSHA Code of Regulations as well as in deviation of good and accepted construction practices. Moreover, through expert testimony and motion practice, Sheff Law had proven that RSD was the result of an accident involving stepping on a nail which occurred on the Defendants’ premises which was maintained in a deplorable condition. In the face of this evidence, Sheff Law was able to resolve the case for $2,350,000.00 for our client prior to the trial.


TYPE: Brain Injury & Premises Liability
AMOUNT: $2,100,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Our client, a 6-year-old boy, was struck by falling lumber in a large home improvement store. The falling wood caused his head to slam into the concrete floor, knocking him unconscious. After being rushed to the hospital, the young boy underwent CT/MRI examinations which showed multiple facial fractures and evidence of bruising on his brain. Unfortunately, as time went on, he began to demonstrate dramatic changes in personality, behavior and scholastic aptitudes.

Additional tests and behaviors revealed other deficient areas; poor executive functioning, cognitive losses and a lack of behavioral control. The effect of the traumatic brain injury affected his ability to perform at adequate levels in school, causing him to repeat grades and perform poorly. He could no longer control his temper and the incident changed his demeanor and nature dramatically. In essence a vital, energetic, athletic, bright and engaging young boy was transformed into a withdrawn, fearful underachiever who was subject to random seizure activity.

The evidence gathered by Sheff Law demonstrated that the incident occurred as a result of a missing safety pull restraint that was supposed to hold back the lumber. Sheff Law was able to prove that it was the store’s responsibility to ensure that the safety pulls are in place at all times to protect all of its customers, including our young client. Due to his injuries, Sheff Law recognized that our client required care for the rest of his life. We helped to prepare a life care plan that detailed his needs into the future, including the cost of accommodations, programs and treatment to help him get to and stay in the best possible health. Sheff Law also brought in a neuropsychological expert, a neurologist and an orthopedic physician who were prepared to discuss the damages caused to our client by the defendant’s negligence. Through effective use of mediation, Sheff Law helped our client resolve his case for $2,100,000.00.


TYPE: Car Accidents
AMOUNT: $2,000,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Settlement for a 65-year-old woman, whose vehicle was rear-ended and pushed into the oncoming lane, resulting in a head-on collision with a van. Through intensive investigation and case work-up, we were able to establish that the oncoming vehicle was speeding, resulting in recovery of an additional 1.5 million dollars, which was critical as the driver who rear-ended our client had only minimal insurance coverage. In addition, we were able to obtain $150,000 from our client’s underinsured motorist insurance, with a waiver of the insurer’s reimbursement right, as well as a $250,000 worker’s compensation settlement, despite an initial coverage denial.


TYPE: Brain Injury & Construction Site Accident
AMOUNT: $1,950,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Our client was a 21-year-old apprentice working for a roofing company. He detached his safety harness from an anchorage point so he could move further down the roof to attach to the next anchorage point. While doing so, he lost his footing and fell off the roof landing on the ground 30-35 feet below. He suffered orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury. Through aggressive discovery, counsel also learned that this general contractor had been investigated by OSHA for multiple similar incidents at projects around the country. The case was settled at mediation in one session.


TYPE: Construction Site Accident
AMOUNT: $1,500,000.00
DESCRIPTION: For a construction site accident resulting in mild brain injury and a herniated disc in the plaintiff’s lower back. Although the defendant testified that the plaintiff was working in a prohibited area, Sheff Law was able to procure testimony that the defendant requested the plaintiff to work in the are in question.


TYPE: Motor Vehicle Accident & Brain Injury
AMOUNT: $1,500,000.00
DESCRIPTION: In January 2007, our client was a passenger in a vehicle caused to overturn on the highway by a tractor trailer. The tractor trailer veered into the path of the vehicle our client was traveling in. Police noted that the tractor trailer made an unsafe lane change. As a defendant in this case, the driver of the tractor trailer aggressively denied that he was at fault for the collision and denied all responsibility for our client’s serious injuries.

The Plaintiff sustained massive physical injuries including traumatic brain injury (TBI) that left her with permanent and life-changing physical and cognitive deficits, as well as life-long pain. As a result, Sheff Law was retained by the plaintiff’s initial counsel after they were unable to resolve matter. After two failed mediation sessions, Sheff Law resolved the case through direct negotiations with defense counsel.

Sheff Law has decades’ worth of experience in dealing with automobile cases. The firm recognizes the effects of brain injury can last a lifetime. Our attorneys strive to get each client the maximum compensation they deserve. Through great effort and investigation, Sheff Law was able to find the defendant liable for the accident and injuries. In total, the case was resolved for $1,500,000.


TYPE: Motor Vehicle Accident
AMOUNT: $1,400,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff, a 42-year old, married mother of two small children suffered a fractured pelvis injury and post-traumatic stress when a motor vehicle driven by an older man struck her while she was standing with her young son. At the time of the incident, Plaintiff was a stay-at-home mom and as a result, no lost wages were alleged. The attorneys at Sheff Law obtained reports from orthopedists and psychologists to demonstrate both the physical and emotional impact that the injury had on the plaintiff, her marriage and family.


TYPE: Wrongful Death
AMOUNT: $1,375,000.00
DESCRIPTION: Wrongful death for worker who was struck and killed by a locomotive.


TYPE: Truck Accident
AMOUNT: $1,200,000.00
DESCRIPTION: For a single forty-five-year-old man who sustained an L5-S1 disc herniation in a tractor trailer accident. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant was speeding, was following too closely and was not paying proper attention to traffic conditions. Sheff Law was able to procure an admission from the defendant that he violated the Department of Transportation Regulations regarding the transporting of hazardous materials, which helped to disprove the defendant’s version of how the accident occurred.


TYPE: Workplace Accident
AMOUNT: $1,100,000.00
DESCRIPTION: 22-year-old siding contractor was electrocuted to death when staging he was moving came in contact with a live 7600 Volt electrical wire.


TYPE: Workplace Accident
AMOUNT: $1,000,000.00
DESCRIPTION: For a man who suffered an electrical shock while working on a piece of machinery. Defendants claimed he caused his own injury by improperly touching live wires. At trial, Sheff Law disproved that theory with physical evidence which established that the only cause of the accident was an unreasonably dangerous component part of the machine.

Note: These verdicts and settlements are provided for informational purposes only and do not reflect any guarantee of recovery on any prospective case.