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Somerville Motor Vehicle Accidents

Somerville, Massachusetts is the most densely populated municipality in New England with a population approaching 80,000. Massachusetts Route 28 runs north and south throughout Somerville, and connects with Route 93. Being the most densely populated municipality in New England and having such a high population, the risk of a negligent automobile accident in Somerville is significantly greater than in less populated regions.In 2009 there were 3 fatal accidents resulting in 3 fatalities in Somerville. There were 2 pedestrians involved in these fatal crashes, and one instance was caused by a driver under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. There were five individuals involved in the Somerville fatal crashes and occurred mainly in an area with a high volume of traffic.Every driver is owed a duty of care from others on the road and the highly populated and active highways in Somerville create a greater risk. When this duty is violated, steps should be taken to protect the rights of both yourself and others impacted by your accident. Here at Sheff Law we take pride in obtaining the highest judgment for our clients.If you are injured in a Somerville accident, you should take steps to protect yourself. First, if you are injured, seek immediate medical attention.While at the scene of the accident, attempt to gather as much information about other vehicles involved in the accident, start with the license plate number, driver’s name and contact information. Get pictures of the accident, even if you are using a cell phone camera.Contact the police and make them aware of any traffic violations the operator may have committed.It is also important to contact a Massachusetts car accident lawyer to learn about your legal rights. At Sheff Law we recognize that each accident and every client is unique. Our lawyers have over 130 years of combined experience, and utilizing a team approach we are proud of our ability to provide the individual attention that is necessary to obtain a maximum judgment and help alleviate the pain and suffering that can accompany a serious automobile accident.Nobody is immune to the risks of negligent drivers or negligent conditions on the road. Other travelers can be speeding, driving to slowly, acting reckless/aggressive on the road, be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, failure to adhere to traffic signals or signs, or fall asleep at the wheel. Equipment in your vehicle can be defective, or road conditions can create dangerous situations unforeseen to the driver and passengers.Many scenarios on the road can lead to serious automobile accidents and injuries, and you should explore your legal options. We have handled car accidents in Somerville, and all throughout Massachusetts. Examples of cases we have won are SUV rollovers, side impact card accidents, failure to yield, elderly related accidents, fatal car accidents, hit and run, teen car accidents, cell phone related accidents, and both rear and head on collisions.Call Sheff Law today at (888) 423-4477 for a free consultation and to learn about your legal rights.