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Worcester Spinal Cord Injury

The Massachusetts spinal cord accident attorneys at Sheff Law have experience handling spinal cord injury claims in and around Worcester.The city of Worcester is located approximately 40 miles west of Boston in Worcester County. With a population of just over 181,000, Worcester is the second largest city in New England. As a major contributor to the American Industrial Revolution, Worcester was long known for innovation in industry and economic opportunity. Today, the city continues to uphold its reputation for innovation and great economic opportunity, as it is the headquarters for a number of different companies, including Polar Beverages, Advanced Cell Technology, Abott Laboratories and Hanover Insurance. Additionally the city boasts a bustling sports community with many college and professional teams calling Worcester home.In a city characterized by the many companies headquartered there, workplace accidents are a reality. Such accidents are the kind of event that can cause injury to the spinal cord.The team of lawyers at Sheff Law has been representing victims of personal injury in Worcester for over six decades. Our attorneys recognize that a spinal cord injury is a catastrophic event for both victims and their families. Although some spinal cord injuries are mild, many spinal cord injuries are severe and can lead to permanent nerve damage to the spinal column. At Sheff Law, our lawyers believe that victims of spinal cord injuries should receive full and fair compensation for lost wages, past and future medical expenses, and expenses for long term care if necessary. Additionally, the lawyers of Sheff Law are experts in obtaining for our clients the deserved compensation for the pain and suffering and loss of consortium associated with spinal cord injuries.Our lawyers know that in order to present a strong case, we must first know the common symptoms of a spinal cord injury. Generally these symptoms include: abrupt loss of consciousness, brutal back pain, numbness in hands, extreme weakness or immobility, and difficulty breathing.At Sheff Law we understand that victims of spinal cord injury often suffer both physically and emotionally. Our attorneys recognize that each client has a unique situation deserving of individualized advocacy. That is why Sheff Law utilizes a team approach and a national network of experts to provide each case with the resources and attention that is necessary for the client to receive the highest compensation for their injuries.If you or a loved one has been injured due to a spinal cord accident in Worcester call an experienced Boston attorney at Sheff Law at 617-227-7000 or 888-423-4477 (toll free) to schedule a free of charge initial consultation.