Boston Personal Injury Lawyers at Sheff Law Claim a Top Massachusetts Verdict

Boston personal injury lawyers Donald R. Grady and Kelsey R. Raycroft of Sheff Law were recognized by for winning one of the top verdicts in Massachusetts in 2015. The verdict, won in May 2015, provided $6,230,000 in damages for a toxic spill.

The plaintiffs in the case noticed smoke coming from their oil burner after it was refilled. They hired a heating service company to make repairs, but the company left a flange fitting loose that allowed oil to leak into the plaintiffs’ basement. The plaintiffs contacted the same service company, which used chemicals to clean up the oil, creating a toxic environment in the basement that left one man in deteriorating health and dependent on oxygen.

At trial, the heating service company attempted to deny responsibility for the leak, stating that its installation of an oil safety valve would have prevented the leak. Sheff Law brought in a heat system engineer as an expert witness who explained to the jury how the leak occurred and how the service company was responsible. Sheff Law also called the plaintiff’s doctor to the stand to describe how he had deteriorated due to exposure to toxic chemicals.

A seven-day jury trial led to just five hours of deliberation. The jury returned a $7.2 million verdict for the plaintiff’s physical injuries, with $5.4 million attributed to the defendant, as well as $800,000 for the plaintiff’s wife for loss of consortium and $30,000 for property damage.  With interest, as awarded by statute in Massachusetts, the final jury award comes to $8.7 million.

Although the defendant’s insurance company is disputing the claim, attorneys Grady and Raycroft are actively pursuing payment, which they expect to receive.

This case illustrates the added value that Sheff Law brings to personal injury and toxic exposure cases. By providing an expert witness well versed in home heating systems, the Sheff team was able to show the jury what had gone wrong and how errors by the service company had contributed to the plaintiff’s declining health.

Every client at Sheff Law gets a team of personal injury lawyers with specific expertise assigned to their cases, rather than a single attorney. By leveraging experience and expertise, Sheff Law delivers superior results for its clients. While this settlement is not representative of all of Sheff Law’s cases, it does show the power that a team of attorneys brings to trial.

If you or someone you know has been hurt or killed in an accident, contact Sheff Law online or call 1-888-423-4477 for a free consultation. There is no cost to you unless you win a verdict.

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