Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Many of the tools used in construction, such as nail guns, forklifts, cranes, bucket trucks, chainsaws, bulldozers and backhoes, pose a great risk of harm if used or maintained improperly. Workers or visitors to a construction site can be exposed to toxic materials, explosions, malfunctioning equipment, flying debris, collapsing structures, or a number of other dangerous conditions.

Daytime view of workers installing concrete highway overpass supports

Accidents can occur at all types of construction sites, from sites where buildings are being constructed to routine road repairs. A lack of adequate safety equipment or failure to follow safety codes and standard practices can lead to serious injuries or even death.
The people or companies responsible for a construction site have a duty to keep them safe for workers and other people who are in or near the construction area. If they do not use the care required to maintain safe conditions, they can be held legally liable for resulting injuries or deaths.

This duty does not only include the owners of a construction site; general contractors, subcontractors, and even equipment rental or manufacturing companies can be held responsible for injuries or death caused by their negligence. Each of these parties should have an insurance policy that can be used to compensate the families of victims.

When a person suffers a wrongful death as the result of a construction site accident, their families are often left to face large medical bills and a sudden loss of income in addition to emotional strain. If your loved one has been in a construction site accident that resulted in wrongful death, Massachusetts state law may allow you to receive financial compensation for the harm caused to the victim and to you and your family. You may be awarded compensation, also known as damages, for many of the types of harms and losses that follow the wrongful death of a family member. In Massachusetts, this includes:

  • Pain and suffering your loved one felt.
  • Emotional distress you have suffered and physical injuries that are sometimes caused by emotional distress.
  • Loss of wages to make up for the income your family member would have earned during their lifetime.
  • Loss of society, guidance, consortium and care that your loved one would have provided to you and other family members.
  • Medical bills from the cost of caring for the victim after the accident.
  • Funeral and burial expenses.
Daytime view of a cherry picker at a job site

Sheff Law has been helping the families of wrongful death and construction accident victims for over sixty years. Some of the families we have represented have been awarded multi-millions of dollars in damages to help them recover emotionally and financially from the wrongful death of their loved one. In addition to the expertise and experience we bring to the table, we work with a team of experts in other fields, such as medicine, engineering and forensic economics. We understand the importance of protecting your legal rights after such a devastating loss, and we are ready to help you.

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