Employee Who Was Crushed to Death Anticipated His Demise for Months

Frank Johnson Sr., a worker at Republic Steel in Lorain, Ohio, had worried for four or five months right before his death that “somebody is going to get killed” on the job and he hoped “it ain’t me.” Tragically, Mr. Johnson’s fears came true and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is now investigating his death. OSHA has up to six months to investigate and decide whether Republic will face any citations and fines.

Prior to his death, Mr. Johnson had worked at the steel mill for more than forty-five years. Just recently, he was employed as a brakeman on a train crew operating on the grounds of the facility. On Feb. 14 of this year, that long and illustrious career came to an end when he was killed. Though the circumstances of his death are still being poured over by OSHA, federal officials know that when he was killed, Mr. Johnson was riding on the side of a train car delivering scrap to the mill. The single car was being pulled by a lone engine when it suddenly hit a set of parked train cars.

The Mill’s union president released a statement that Mr. Johnson “got pinched between the two sets of cars. The other set of cars were apparently off the track a little.” This force killed Johnson instantly from multiple injuries.

A brakeman helps to move a freight car at a railroad yard

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