Exploding iPhone Could Result in Legal Consequences

A Seattle man is considering hiring an attorney to help file a lawsuit against Apple after he was burned by his iPhone.

The man was at work when he saw smoke and felt an intense pain coming fromhis back pocket. He then realized that his iPhone 6 Plus had exploded and was burning straight through is pocket.

“I reached under my pants. I felt flesh bubbling up. It was one of the most intense pain(s) I have ever experienced,” The man stated.

There have been many instances this past year regarding iPhone batteries exploding.

Just this past month another similar incident occurred in Missouri after his iPhone began to smoke and eventually set his pants on fire.

“It was on the ground and it was just bubbling. There was smoke everywhere,” The 21-year-old man said. “I have no idea what could have happened, what could have caused that,”

According to Fox 25 Boston, last year a man in New York says his iPhone 5 exploded in his pocket, giving him third-degree burns on his leg the size of a football.

Another man in Atlanta experienced a similar episode, when his iPhone 6 caught fire while charging, igniting sparks and flames that could have burned the apartment down.

Tech experts have revealed that even minor damages to an iPhone’s circuit board, or use of third-party charging devices, could cause the battery to overheat and spew lithium lava.

Documents uncovered by KIRO 7 linked the problems to lithium batteries. Furthermore, KIRO 7 has conducted multiple investigations involving other Apple products like iPods catching fire.

“They need to be held accountable. Obviously, there’s a flaw in the phone,” The Seattle resident said. “This is not a cheap phone. It’s one of the top phones in the world so I think it needs to be evaluated.”

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