Five Ways to Make Your Memorial Day Drive Safer

  • Pick your destination with care Once you decide on where you want to go, make sure to frequently check the traffic on the day of departure.
  • Making an escape at the right time- Rush hour this Friday, May 27, 2016 is predicted to be between the hours of 3-5 p.m. Planning your route before 1 p.m. or after 7 p.m. will help you to avoid traffic and make your travels more enjoyable.
  • Keep in mind the busy days- The busiest days to travel on Memorial Day Weekend are Friday and Monday. If you are willing to give up some time of your Holiday weekend, late Friday or Sunday night are perfect times to travel to and from your destination.
  • Choose alternate transportation- Choosing not to drive can ensure that you do not have to sit behind the wheel in hours of traffic this holiday weekend. Depending on where you are headed, out of Boston you can take a CapeFLYER trains, Amtrak, boat, or bus to many scenic areas, and forget about the traffic problems.
  • Give your full attention to the road- If you do choose to drive, do your best to avoid distractions. Make frequent stops to guarantee your full attention to driving and passing off the wheel once in a while to give yourself a rest.
Daytime view of a highway congested with traffic

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