Lawyer: Convicted killer Aaron Hernandez short on money

Hernandez convicted in 2013 death of Odin Lloyd

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. — Former NFL player and convicted killer Aaron Hernandez is running out of money after hiring a platoon of lawyers for all his criminal cases, his attorney said. Attorney John Fitzpatrick told a judge in New Bedford on Thursday that Hernandez was paid for only one year of his now-terminated $40 million contract with the New England Patriots.

Ward’s attorneys have placed an attachment on Hernandez’s $1.3 million house in North Attleboro, meaning it cannot be sold without them being notified. Fitzpatrick told the judge that he didn’t know whether Jenkins and her daughter were still living in the home.

Ward’s attorney, Douglas Sheff, said after the hearing that the next step is filing a motion for discovery to learn more about Hernandez’s assets. Sheff said the Hummer was the “tip of the iceberg.” “If he has someone working on his behalf for a vehicle, imagine what he could be doing with millions of dollars. We really need to find out where things are now,” Sheff said.

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