Mass. Bar Association says One Fund is under-paying some Marathon bombings victims

Jun 20, 2014, 2:48pm EDT

Updated Jun 20, 2014, 6:37pm EDT

The Massachusetts Bar Association and President Doug Sheff came out swinging Friday against One Fund Boston for the protocol the organization recently released for its second round of distributions to victims of the Marathon bombings.

At issue is how the One Fund is handling victims suffering from what are known as “invisible injuries” – head injuries, hearing loss and the like. These victims – backed by the Mass Bar – want to be recognized as equal to victims with more visible injuries, such as limb injuries, and to see greater cash distributions from the fund.

As a personal injury attorney, Sheff said, he has experience with clients who have sustained head injuries. He said he offered Gallagher resources and legal assistance on these types of cases.

“We’ve been patient. We didn’t want to make this a public issue,” Sheff said.

But when the protocol for the second round of One Fund distributions still did not provide anything additional for people with invisible injuries, Sheff said, the Mass Bar decided to make the debate public.

“That tells us that they are not going to listen to us on this issue,” White said.

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