Middlesex County Bar Association’s 113th Annual Banquet

The Middlesex County Bar Association’s Annual Banquet was held on Thursday November 7, 2013 in Stoneham, Massachusetts and was truly a night to remember. A total of twelve awards were given to honorable and hard-working professionals. Massachusetts Bar Association President, Douglas K. Sheff, gave a speech that began by him expressing how intertwined the two organizations really are, explaining that “The MBA and the Middlesex Bar Association are really first cousins.” Sheff concluded his speech in the same mindset, expressing the following: “So we share a lot of the same DNA. We also share values, philosophy and heart. We’re cousins, and I know that everyone at my table is proud to have a seat at yours.”

Doug Sheff is introduced at the Middlesex County Bar Association Banquet
Massachusetts Bar Association President Doug Sheff addresses the Middlesex County Bar Association's 113th Annual Banquet