Two Dead, 116 Injured in Fatal East Coast Amtrak Crash

An Amtrak train traveling from New York to Miami slammed into a parked freight train in South Carolina on February 3, killing the train’s engineer and a conductor and injuring 116 passengers, some critically. This is the fourth fatal Amtrak crash in less than three months.

Amtrak blamed the crash on CSX Corporation, which operates the tracks where the crash occurred. According to an Amtrak statement, CSX diverted the Amtrak train to a side track where the freight train was “sidling,” or stopped. A switch that diverted the Amtrak train had been padlocked by CSX.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating. Initial reports suggest the Amtrak train was traveling at 60 miles per hour when it collided with the stationary freight train.

Both Amtrak and CSX will now attempt to pin liability for the accident on each other. For those harmed in the accident this will lead to months of uncertainty and questions about legal remedies.

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Daytime view of a derailed train car following an Amtrak crash in South Carolina

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