3 Injured in Accident at Tesla Factory

There was recently a workplace accident at the auto manufacturer Tesla’s factory in Freemont, California. Three workers were injured and ended up in the hospital with moderate to serious burns resulting from the accident. The accident was ultimately caused, according to Tesla spokesman Dan Cardenas, by an industrial failure in the low pressure aluminum metal casting press.

The Tesla spokesman went on to assure the public that there was no explosion or fire, just the failure of the machinery involved in the metal casting process. All three employees were evacuated to the Valley Medical Center, though only two of the three employees reported injured were sent to the hospital’s burn unit.

The Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, arrived at the hospital where the three men were being treated later to visit them. The three workers, identified only by their first names as Jorge, Kevin, and Jesus, seemed to be in good spirits according to Elon Musk. In his later announcement, Musk stated that “I just wanted to make sure that they were OK, and getting the best possible care. I wanted to come personally and make sure of it”

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