Bus Accidents Injury Lawyer in Massachusetts

As environmental concerns grow more relevant to the every day person and gas prices remain unstable, public transportation has become a more popular and cost efficient means of transportation. Each year, millions of people ride buses, as a method of transportation in Massachusetts. These vehicles include school buses, private charter buses, passenger vans, and mass transit buses. On a single weekday in 2010 alone, the MBTA reports, nearly 370,000 people utilized some form of public bus transportation. The private sector, including popular lines such as Greyhound, Mega Bus, and Fung Wah, only adds to the increasing number of people using buses as a prioritized means of transportation.

With the steady increase of public transportation and bus use come the unfortunate realities of bus accidents. In lieu of flying and incurring the significant costs of a plane ticket, Massachusetts highways are filled with buses traveling down the Eastern corridor and beyond. This sharp increase in the use of public transportation is inevitably linked to a rise in the number of bus related automobile accidents in the United States, and these accidents are devastating to all parties involved.

As in any automobile accident, the reasons behind bus accidents are complex. Bus drivers may become distracted from the road, or may be otherwise impaired through the illegal use of drugs or alcohol while working. These accidents may also be of no fault at all to driver. Rather, bus accidents may also stem from mechanical failures in the vehicle itself, and may have occurred more often than a single, isolated incident.

Regardless of circumstance, however, bus accidents are traumatic for all involved. After seeking the necessary immediate medical attention, the aftermath of the accident may appear to be daunting. Injuries that were not obvious at the exact time of the accident may appear in the days or weeks following, as well as any potential emotional or psychological trauma. The consequences of these bus accidents may prevent you from returning to work for a period of time, making expensive medical bills an unreasonable financial burden.

Because buses are a method of mass transportation, finding who is at fault will be confusing with so many parties involved. If the bus is publically owned, it may not seem possible to stand against the government agencies. These bus companies and their insurance providers will have a team of lawyers whose main focus is to give you the least amount of money possible for your injuries following a bus accident.

Victims may feel as if they do not have the ability to seek the compensation they deserve. The attorneys at Sheff Law have the skills, expertise, and experience to stand up against these companies and their team of lawyers to obtain the money to which you are entitled.

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