Disfigurement and Scar Compensation in Massachusetts

Disfigurement and scar compensation in Massachusetts can be paid for injuries due to a car accident, workplace accident, a fire or an explosion, but this compensation may only be part of what you are owed. Permanent disfigurement or scarring that impedes your ability to work or participate in daily activities can incur additional punitive damages in cases of gross negligence, or compensation for lost wages and enjoyment of life.

Without a skilled personal injury attorney on your side, you risk losing compensation that is rightfully yours. A free consultation from Sheff Law will help you understand your rights in a disfigurement or scar compensation case.

The Choice for Disfigurement and Scar Compensation in Massachusetts

Led by Douglas K. Sheff, the only Massachusetts personal injury attorney to hold the positions of President of the Massachusetts Bar Association, President of the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys and Governor of the American Association of Justice, Sheff Law gives you an entire team of disfigurement and scar compensation attorneys who will leverage their experience and expertise to help you get the settlement you deserve.

Getting disfigurement and scar compensation in Massachusetts presents unique challenges, because the impact on an individual’s life can be subjective. Insurance companies will fight to minimize your claims to limit your compensation, which is why you need an experienced team of attorneys on your side to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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