“Operator Error” Cited in Cedar Grove MBTA Crash that Injured 17

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) cited operator error as a factor in an MBTA trolley crash near Cedar Grove station on December 30 that injured 17 people, with 16 sent to the hospital.

According to a preliminary crash report, an inbound trolley was stopped on the tracks when it was rear-ended by a second inbound trolley. The first trolley had stopped so that it’s operator could assist the operator of a stalled outbound trolley. The operator of the second inbound trolley, which failed to stop, has been suspended during the investigation.

MBTA accidents are uncommon, but this is the second crash near Cedar Grove in the last four years. A November 2014 accident on the inbound tracks, also attributed to operator error, resulted in seven injuries. The line is one of the oldest still in operation, with trolley cars dating from the 1940s.

The admission of operator error in the preliminary report may provide some benefit to people who suffered injuries in the crash, as it is a potential admission of guilt on the part of the MBTA. People injured in the crash may still face a long road ahead as they seek settlements for medical bills, lost wages and injuries, however, which is why it is important to discuss any settlement offer in an accident like this with a personal injury attorney before accepting it.

In accidents that result in a large number of injuries, insurance companies want to settle quickly, often while people are still recovering and unsure of their financial options. By pressuring people when they are vulnerable, insurance companies can sometimes settle for less than they should be required to pay. It is not unusual to see settlement offers made within days, typically with a clause attached that prevents people from seeking any further compensation if an investigation reveals wrongdoing or extreme negligence.

It is always a good idea to review an unsolicited offer of settlement before accepting it. Sheff Law has extensive experience in railroad accidents and other areas of injury law, and we provide free, no-obligation case evaluations to anyone who asks. Contact us online or call us at 1-888-423-4477.

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