Products Liability Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Negligence on the part of a manufacturer, seller, or distributor of a product can lead to serious injuries or even the death of consumers who use the product. When a consumer is fatally injured by a product, the victim’s family often has grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

While nothing can make up for the sudden loss of a loved one, we can help you hold the parties whose negligence contributed to the victim’s death accountable. Defective products come in all shapes and sizes. Generally there are three types of defective products: products that have a design flaw making the entire group of items defective, products that do not have a design flaw but are defective because of an error made during the manufacturing process, and products that are defective because they do not adequately warn consumers of a danger associated with the product.

The list of possible defective products is very long, but it includes:

  • A seat belt that failed to work properly and contributed to the death of the user.
  • Other types of automobile safety equipment.
  • Medication that does not work properly or has dangerous side effects.
  • A child’s toy with small pieces that create a choking hazard.
  • Appliances that cause damage to the user or their home.
  • Food that is contaminated or tainted.
  • Industrial machinery with a design flaw that makes it unreasonably dangerous to the user.
  • A product that fails to warn consumers about the dangers of improper use.
  • Cosmetic products with harmful side effects.

The state laws of Massachusetts allow the families of wrongful death victims to recover financial compensation to help them recover from their emotional and financial losses. You may be entitled to compensation for a variety of losses, including:

  • Burial and funeral expenses.
  • The pain and suffering the victim experienced before their death.
  • Punitive damages.
  • Emotional distress suffered by you or other family members.
  • Lost income, such as wages the victim was likely to earn over the course of his or her life.
  • Loss of guidance, companionship, consortium, and society the victim would have provided to family members.
  • Medical expenses, such as hospital bills.

Depending on the type of product, there may be a long list of parties that are responsible for the wrongful death caused by the product. A complex appliance or piece of machinery might have many component manufacturers who could be accountable. The company that assembled and sold the product might be responsible. In some cases, the packaging company, the distributor, or the retailer of the product could be liable for the wrongful death. We will work with you to identify parties who may be liable to you.

The attorneys at Sheff Law have been helping the families of wrongful death victims for over six decades. In addition to our knowledgeable attorneys, we work with experts in other fields, such as engineering, to protect your rights. In the past, we have won multi-million dollar verdicts for our clients in wrongful death and products liability cases. We can use our experience to help your family recover.

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